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Reference List 

Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris certainly represents excellence but please do not just take our word for it. There are numerous testimonials below from our guests. We encourage you to also contact several of our clients so that they may share their unbiased opinions and personal experiences at Ozondjahe with you. There is no better way to gain confidence in our reputation. To ensure the privacy of our guests, our reference list is not posted here to protect them from harassment by anti-hunters but we will gladly provide it to you upon request by simply emailing us at


Travis V.

“Dear Ozondjahe Safaris, Thank you for making our African adventure so amazing. We were more than pleasantly surprised by the quality of the hunting!! The staff was truly professional, and the accommodations were awesome. One of the tightest luxury hunting adventures on the planet. With care towards trophy quality and hunting experiences, this trip is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. You will see trophy animals, be ready to do your part! It was an Honor to hunt at Ozondjahe!!! Warm wishes,”
Travis and Jason V., Pennsylvania, USA


Jacques S.

“l hope you are all well. My words are off the hook and sick. Translation you helped an old man fulfill a 50 year dream. Everything is top knotch. Of course you may use me as a reference. I can’t wait to come back god willing and the creek dont rise. Foooking amazing.”
Jacques S., Florida, USA


“Pam and I could not be happier with our hunt. All the hospitality staff were wonderful, the food was truly gourmet and the hunting with our PH and tracker was the best I have experienced. We had the pleasure of dining with your father on two occasions and enjoyed it immensely. All my trophy animals made NAPHA and will also quailify for SCI. We had the time of our lives and loook forward to going back again.”
Richard P., California, USA


Michael D.

“This was a great hunt with wonderful people! I would highly recommend Ozondjahe Safaris. This place was amazing! It has an extreme amount of game. I have never seen so many animals and to be able to take a huge Leopard was the icing on the cake! All of my animals were great trophies with some going record book!
Great place!.”
Michael D., California, USA


“Hi Jerome, Thanks for the great experience. The hospitality was fantastic and the hunting exceeded my expectations. All species that we pursued were bagged and all of them were great trophies, hard earned. The hunting staff and camp staff were excellent. The icing on the cake was bagging a massive 73 kg leopard on the 8th evening in the blind. Best regards,”
Al & Suzy W., Montana, USA


“I had a great at Ozondjahe. The staff was very friendly and went out of their way to help you and make you feel at home. My PH was very selective on what he advised me to shoot. I was here for 8 days and have 9 trophies with memories to last a lifetime. I hope to be able to return in a couple of years to try to get trophies I didn’t have time for this trip.”
Brett B., Minnesota, USA


“Jerome, Every thing was excellent and first class, food service, etc. The PH was EXCELLENT and fun to be with. Thanks for the opportunity to share your excellent area. I will be back.”
John Y., California, USA


“I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and safari experienced at Ozondjahe. I will be returning with family when time permits. Thank you.”
Christopher B., Arizona, USA


“This was my first time in Africa and i don’t believe i could have chosen a better place to hunt. The hunt itself was incredible and my PH was highly knowledgeable and experienced. The amount of game was absolutely incredible. I bow hunted for 10 days and had the best time every day. I took 7 trophies and am highly pleased with every one. The lodge staff and everyone I came in contact with was extremely friendly and the server was A plus. I would highly recommend Ozondjahe Safaris if you are looking to go to Africa. I am already in the process of planning my next trip. I sure hate to leave.”
Jeff B., California, USA


“We all had a great time. Thanks again Jerome.”
Jason C., Paraparaumu, New Zealand


“We spent eight days at Ozondjahe with my wife and friends. We had a wonderful time here, every day was so exciting. We saw so much game and had a lot of fun hunting. It was real hunting. All staff and accommodations were perfect. Our guides were so nice and interesting. The ladies at the lodge took care of everything. Food and beverages were excellent. We wish to come back. Thanks a lot.”
Family S. & V., France


“Great adventure! Great people! Great food! Great animals! To be back!”
Eric G., Ontario, Canada


“Jerome, I am very impressed at the amount of work that you have done to make this a quality hunting reserve. Great place and I hope to go back with my boys and hunt again.”
Jim Y., Auckland, New Zealand


“For our first safari to Africa we could not ask for anything better. All our expectations were met and then some. We are already talking about coming back in a few years providing our health and finances allow it. The guides were top notch. Please do use us as references. We will gladly provide glowing reports. Thank you for making the dream of a lifetime a reality in such a spectacular way.”
Loren M. & Doug B., California, USA


“PH was very good.”
John L., Manitoba, Canada


Brett B.

“We had a great time. We learnt a lot, not only about the animals we hunted but also the trees and birds and about Namibia and it’s people. Great bunch of PH’s, professional and courteous at all times, which is as to be expected but they went above what we considered to be there duty. Friendly courteous driver, Frederick, which was genuinely happy to see you everyday and more than willing to help either my wife or myself in any way he could, he also took the care to ensure anything left in the vehicle was secure (sunglasses camera and coats) before moving the vehicle in our absence. The food was first class, although a little rich for my liking, being used to a fairly simple diet of meat and vegetables. Yvonne kept the drinks coming with a warm and welcome smile. Maureen is a lovely lady who kept things running smoothly and efficiently and kept my wife entertained during the evenings. And to the rest of the staff were always friendly, always genuinely happy to see you and interested as to how your day had been. More diverse range of animals than I had expected to see which was a very pleasant surprise. All my trophies were of gold medal quality. We had a great time and are looking to book again in the near future.”
Brett B., Queensland, Australia


Edouard T.

“Dear Jerome, Just a little acknowledgment of our exceptional hunt at Ozondjahe, everything we have been told was there and plus. Lots of game, plenty of trophies and an exceptional Professional Hunter, who has a radar between the two ears. I have never met such a pleasant and competent PH with extremely great sense of humour. Our tracker was also exceptionally talented. In spite of bad weather we managed to harvest the six species of game I had initially planned including this exceptional Greater Kudu which made my whole hunt. I definitely plan to return to this African Hunting Heaven of yours and enjoy the excellent Lodge, Food and Service Crew. My sincere thanks to all the Team for making this trip the best hunting experience in my life.”
Edouard T., Montreal, Canada


Jon S.

“Hi Jerome. I just wanted to send you a short note saying how much we enjoyed the trip to Ozondjahe. It was fantastic!! The service was impeccable. You’ve got a great crew including Theuns and his family, the cooks and serving crew, laundresses, skinners and trackers. The PH’s were professional, very personable, hard working and really enjoyable to hunt with. The PH was tremendous! I had a wonderful time hunting with him. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The gals enjoyed the shopping, Cheetah Conservation trip and Crocodile farm. The trophies were icing on the cake. What a wonderful place you and your family have in a unique part of the world.
The entire trip could not have gone more smoothly or been more enjoyable. Thanks again for the tremendous hospitality.
I think I already have a few folks who would like to accompany me on a return. If I’m not careful, I could get used to this. J Thanks again, Jerome. Best wishes.”
Jon S., California, USA


“We cannot speak highly enough of our PH and driver. Both were very friendly and knowledgeable and made our experience unforgettable. The lodge staff and skinners were also very competent and friendly. As a first time Africa experience we could not ask for more. Your own advice on where to stay pre and post hunt in Windhoek made the trip for us – staying at Londiningi on arrival and Afrika Sun on our way back. Alex went way beyond the call of duty in following up on and locating our lost luggage, the last of which took five days to arrive. Eghard was also an excellent host. Driver Edward Taseb collected us from and returned us to the airport and was very helpful too. We took a trip to Otjiwarongo, which we found most interesting and enjoyable. As far as hunting goes, it surpassed all my expectations and I shot 6 further trophy species on top of my Kudu package. I put this down to the excellent guidance provided by our PH and driver team. My wife also thoroughly enjoyed the experience, accompanying us on every occasion taking numerous photographs and viewing the abundance of game animals. Overall our experience was great and we found Namibia a wonderful country to visit.”
Tony A., New Zealand


Bryce J. McK.

“Dear Jerome, My wife Sandy and I had a fantastic hunting experience at Ozondjahe. The trip exceeded both of our expectations. The hunting was outstanding, and Francois and Fredrick were a pleasure to hunt with. They were a great team, and my wife Sandy and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our hunting safari at Ozondjahe. We saw an abundance of game in a vast landscape challenging topography and thick bush. The trophy quality was exceptional, and the judgement of Francois was very valuable in selecting the best game to go after and stalk. They helped me change my wife’s view of hunting by their gentlemanly and sportsmanlike conduct in the field. Sandy arrived in Namibia as a non-hunter who was somewhat dreading the trip, and who had sworn to not want any part of the hunting or eating any wild game… to becoming curious enough about all of the wild game we saw to start riding along on almost all of our hunts and enjoying Franz’s excellently prepared game dishes at almost every lunch and dinner. Janette and Pauline were also very good hostesses, and even sent us home with a jar of homemade cumquat marmalade. Thanks for the great hunting experience. Best regards,”
Bryce J. McK., Pennsylvania, USA


“Dear Jerome, We returned from hunting at Ozondjahe a few days ago and now that the jet lag has somewhat abated I want to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay. We felt very much at home. The hunting was superb and the number and variety of game animals were all one could hope for. Our PH was great. Both Tom and I felt comfortable immediately working with him. We are delighted with the quality of the animals we shot (14 between the two of us). We hope to go back in 18 months or so, bodies being able and $$$ being available.”
Thomas D. and Sharon R., California, USA


“Jerome, Greetings from northern Cal and I want to thank you, for providing such a wonderful experience for Adoni, Angelo and myself. The entire experience exceeded expectations, you have a great crew and a great property. The PHs are true professionals experts in what they do and very hard working, aiming to please and they do. Maureen makes sure that everything works smoothly and under control, great lady. Paulus, Yvonne, Godfried and Frederick all true professionals. You can list me as a reference i’ll be more than happy to give you the highest marks. As you know I have some unfinished business with a Kudu that I want to take care of along with some other species, so I’m already thinking about a return trip. Thanks again and let’s keep in touch.”
John C., California, USA


“Ozondjahe exceeded our expectations in every aspect. For our first safari in Africa I could not have asked for anything more. We are already discussing coming back.”
Adoni C., California, USA


“Hello Jerome! Thank you very much the fantastic trip. Everything its great, very good hunting Area. Thank you and all the best,”
Viktor P., Hungary


Thomas P.

“Jerome, I had an excellent time at the ranch. Hunting was extremely good and the PHs were both excellent. Food was even better than last time with game prepared nicely. Accommodations were also great. Thank you for your attention to providing us with a great experience. I hope we are able to return soon.”
Thomas P., Texas, USA


“I would rate my experience at Ozondjahe as one of the best in my life and definitely the best hunting one. I must congratulate my ph for conducting himself in a most professional manner and the true gentleman he is. His diverse knowledge from hunting tales to flora and fauna was second to none.
The daily laundry, the early morning breakfasts, house keeping, lunch, dinners, swimming pool, service and good company were all exceptional. The only regret is that I should’ve done this a long time ago knowing what I have missed out on as if I’ve cheated myself. What they say about getting hooked after the first safari is very true. I’m already planning my next trip to Africa in particular the Caprivi for some big game hunting. The only problem is how to endure the time between now and then. Yours sincerely”
Arthur D., South Australia, Australia


“Jerome, I wanted to tell you personally that we had the time of our lives. The staff was great and we had a lot for fun with both PHs. The hunting was much more them I dreamed it would be, we took some amazing trophies. The plan is to come back in two years with our kids. Thanks you,”
Jesse and Cassi K., Colorado, USA


“Hi Jerome, Thank you! I will be happy to recommend Ozondjahe. You and the entire staff were excellent, patient and accommodating. As a first-time safari for me, it was also very informative and educational, both in terms of the various species of game, hunting techniques and the country as well. I will recommend Ozondajhe to other hunters looking for a quality Safari experience, and look forward to an opportunity to re-visit at some point in the future. For now, keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success! Thanks again and best regards,”
Paul R., Ontario, Canada


“We have spent a wonderful time at your ranch. On the hunting side, we have seen beautiful animals in good shape and with beautifuls trophys. The end of the raining seasons was propicious to the type of hunting I was looking for. Your main professional hunter is a nice guy and our professional hunter who was our ph was a first class pro. On the accomodation side it was perfect. The property is well handled and the bungalows are comfortable and all is very clean, and well maintained. the lodge manager is doing a very good job there. Regards,”
Olivier M., Troyes, France


“Tres bon sejour et tres agreable. Excellent territoire, une enorme diversite d’animaux. Excellent acceuil. Guide tres experimente. Tres bon souvenirs que je recommanderai a tous mes amis. Je suis tres satisfait et meme surpris du nombre et de la qualite du gibier tire. Une experience inoubliable que j’espere renouveler bientot.”
Daniel D., Revin, France


Gerry R.

“Hi Jerome, Overall my experience was excellent. Taking all of the animals on my wish list was terrific. Your accommodations are excellent and very clean. Bedding was amazing. You are fortunate to have excellent staff. Fredrick was a delight and a hard worker. Yvonne and Paulus were very accommodating and the food was excellent. Skinners were also helpful and attentive. You have a lovely lodge and I would recommend it to my friends. I enjoyed my time there and particularly enjoyed our farewell gathering. I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. Gerry”
Gerry R., New York, USA


Cullen J.

“How can we possibly thank you for the trip of a lifetime??? Ozondjahe surpassed our expectations in every way! The hunting (our first time ever) was incredible, our PH was exceptional, 18 animals with 2 hunters! The lodge managers were gracious, kind and exceptionally thoughtful! We will be back!!!”
Karen, Mark and Cullen J., Arizona, USA


Jeff S.

“This was my first African hunt but I can say for sure will not be my last as I am already deciding what time next year I am planning on coming back.”
Jeff S., British Columbia, Canada


Nasim, Aseela and Maliha A.

“On behalf of our group; may I thank you for your warm hospitality and friendship during our stay at Ozondjahe Safaris! We had a terrific time – not only was the hunting outstanding – but the audience and affection simply beyond imagination! We were treated like family and it touched everyone in the group! Viva Le Ozondjahe! Warmest regards,
“Dear Jerome, We got back yesterday! Everyone was all smiles thanks to your gracious hospitality! We truly had an amazing time at Ozondjahe! Everything was perfectly organized but the coup d’Grace was the warmth and personal affection of all of you! Hunting was excellent and I look forward to returning! Cheers,”
Nasim A. and family, Maryland, USA


Stuart and Sallie B.

“Thank you for your southern hospitality (Southern Africa that is!). Perhaps some day we will see you in Virginia. Your attention to detail and professionalism is exemplary in the world of hunting. We achieved all of our perverse goals having great fun while trying to be good conversationists. Keep up the good word and we hope we as members of our family will visit with you here in the not too distant future. We had an awesome time, Sincerely,”
Stuart and Sallie B., Virginia, USA


Terry K.

“First time hunting in Africa. Ozondjahe made us feel part of their family. It was an amazing life experience! Not what I expected in terms of a hunting experience. Every aspect of the the trip exceeded my expectations. Look forward to a return trip. A great place to bring your wife along even if she doesn’t hunt. Thank you again Ozondjahe for a great hunt and African experience…”
Terry K., British Columbia Canada


Marwan K.

“This trip would not have been filled with adventure and anticipation had it not been for all your efforts and attention to details… I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and wish you and your charming family the best of life and love always.”
Marwan K., Lebanon


Kent H.

“Ozondjahe was referred to me from friends hunting in the past. I now will certainly refer others to experience this fantastic opportunity. The staff, accommodations, food, equipment and everything else is truly first rate. The knowledgeable PHs are the best and will do everything to make sure your hunting success is met. After 8 days of hunting we did not cover all of the property. This is the best experience I have had in Africa.”
Kent H., Utah, USA


Bob, Helen and Sarah S.

“We found our African hunting trip to be an enjoyable family vacation combining the hunt, photography and 1st class facilities. Each day was treated as the first day of the hunt by our PH Francois and the hunting and house staff. These people were dedicated and knowledgeable about the hunt, the game and its’ habits and the history and background of Namibia. The Windhoek pickup and escort to Etosha Park made arrangements care free. As for the actual hunt, we’ve never seen so much game and were able to take the trophy class species desired. Care was taken to take only mature trophy animals to ensure conservation. The accommodations and hunting vehicles were top notch. I will recommend Ozondjahe to anyone.”
Bob, Helen and Sarah S., Washington, USA


Salim D.

“This is really a seven star Safari!!! First everyone here was great and very friendly and the animals were great even if some of them were toooo big or toooooo female, but I think it was fantastic and we have enjoyed our stay very very much!!! Thanks again to all the people here and specially Christine who thought of the smallest detail and was great.”
Salim D., Lebanon


Steve K.

“A bow hunter’s paradise… No place like it in Namibia.”
Steve K., Maryland, USA


William P.

“Dear Jerome, I just wanted to send you an quick email to say how much we had enjoyed our safari at Ozondjahe. It is the most tremendous place and we were so well looked after by your excellent and very friendly staff. The lodge is very comfortable and the food delicious. The hunting really was excellent and between the two of us on a 2×1 hunt, I think we just about got every trophy we were after, which is pretty amazing in only 8 days and in the extreme heat of late November. Andries was really a revelation. I have hunted with a number of PHs, all of whom I thought were excellent, but none of whom comes close to Andries. He is relaxed, fun, entertaining, extremely knowledgable, very good company and a superb PH. He really made it an outstanding hunt. You asked me to let you know if I had any worries or complaints and I honestly can’t think of a single thing. The attention to detail and sheer professionalism of your team made it an incredible, unforgettable experience. Many, many thanks.”
William P., United Kingdom


Bob C.

“Had a fantastic time like I did when I was here in July. Actually, this time was even better since I got the Leopard I’ve been after for a long time. Francois was a great PH and worked very hard to get me the most beautiful Leopard. Actually, we saw three in the 10 days I hunted. On the first day we had a very old, fat, white leopard come within 6 meters of our blind but did not get a shot off! Everyone was fantastic and I thank all for making this the best hunt of my life.”
Bob C., Florida, USA


Tom P.

“4th Trip to Ozondjahe, as always treated like I am a wayward son coming home. Meals were wonderful and hunting was difficult but rewarding. Too much rain and green for good bow hunting at the waterholes. PH’s did all they could to make our hunt productive. Between my son and I we took 7 bow hunting trophies. Fantastic given the circumstances.”
Tom P., Kentucky, USA


David D.

“Many thanks for receiving us so well, Francois and Helgaard for guiding us in such a way that we got beautiful trophies…”
David D., France


Matt W.

“For me Ozondjahe is a really special place that I will continue to return to again and again. My first hunting safari in Africa was here. I proposed to my wife here.  I’ve been back 3 times and each time is special. I have so many good memories, not only is the hunting amazing, the food and lodging fantastic but the family has become close friends. Since my first hunt in Africa, I have gone on to hunt over 230 species around the world but Ozondjahe holds a special place in my heart!”
Matt W., California, USA


Maxime B.

“Thank you very much for your kind attitude and friendly reception. We enjoyed our trip in Namibia thanks to you. Special thanks to Francois and Christine who were very available for us. Nice landscapes and many animals, continue like this! Hope to see you again.”
Maxime B., Gerard Veriez and Dominique Boulet, France


Bob C.

“Had a absolutely great time! Hunting Kudu, Warthog, Black Wildebeest, Impala and Leopard. Only the leopard gave us the slip! Great food, accommodation and especially the staff, Francois, Helgaard and Christine were fantastic. Thanks so much to everyone.”
Bob C., Florida, USA


Bob S.

“The experience of a lifetime and one of which I will never forget. All of you have my most heart felt thanks for a most memorable experience of a lifetime.”
Bob S., Virginia, USA


Jean d’H.

Un grand merci a Christine pour son merveilleux accueil, un grand merci a Helgaard pour m’avoir si bien guide a la chasse, un grand merci a Francois pour m’avoir prete sa lunette de chasse.
Un merveilleux moment passe chez vous.
Jean d’H., France


Bernard B.

“Had a great time for my first visit to Namibia and Africa. Great hunt with a wonderful PH in Francois. Accommodations and meals excellent. Will return in the future.”
Bernard B., Canada


Lamar and Max S.

“What a wonderful experience! You welcomed us and made us part of your family! You met and exceeded our expectations! Thank you for all you did to make everyone feel comfortable and help make our African journey beyond our wildest dreams! Lots of love The Smiths”
Lamar, Deborrah and Max S.


Kari M.

“We spent nine days in the beautiful Ozondjahe. A great area, with nice variation. We enjoyed the hunt and the game population turned out to be very very good! The camp was neat and tidy and the food and service was excellent. Christine, Helgaard and Francois thanks a lot! We enjoyed it a lot (especially the springbok!).”
Kari M., Heikki J. and Mikaela M., Finland


Greg H.

“Thank you for a great week. Your food prep and selection to meet our dietary needs was perfect. The Pro Hunters did a great job to make sure we got trophies and teach me about all the game animals.”
Greg H., Virginia, USA


Jim H.

“A unique and very wonderful experience! The staff and our hunt far exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much for a great first trip to Africa and Namibia. I certainly hope to visit again.”
Jim H., Virginia, USA


Frits de G. and Rita K.

“This was a dream that came true. Great hunting, brilliant stalking by Francois. Betsie, many thanks for all the great dinners and your kindness.”
Frits de G. and Rita K., Netherlands

“We have spent lovely days here in Namibia. You’ll always be in our hearts. Thank you very much for everything.”
Maria and Carlos M., Spain


Melissa and Rodney S.

“Thanks so much for an excellent stay! Rodney and I truly enjoyed our visit, and your hospitality was sincerely appreciated. This was an exceptional “hunting-moon” for us. Many blessings to you all.”
Melissa and Rodney S., Texas, USA


Remy and Vincent K.

Quelle formidable sejour! Paysages extraordinaires, ferme unique. Egalement tres touche par l’accueil et la disponibilite de nos hotes. Un sejour que l’on ne risque pas d’oublier de si tot.
Remy et Vincent K., France


Tyler S.

“My experience here at Ozondjahe has been absolutely magnificent. The staff and the guides are wonderful. The game here is very abundant as is the land. The time I have spent here, I will remember for the rest of my life. In my first few days here I was already thinking about my next trip here. Although it is my first time in Namibia, I would recommend this place to anyone coming to Africa.”
Tyler S., Colorado, USA


Richard E.

“This was my first trip to Africa but will not be my last. The accommodations were excellent and staff everything I could ask for. The ranch is beautiful and game plentiful. Francois, our PH, has unbelievable eyes and is able to quickly and accurately evaluate trophy quality. He is everything you could ask for in a PH.”
Richard E., Colorado, USA


David McN.

“The lodging was spectacular and the food was top notch. I would especially like to compliment our PH, Francois. He made sure we understood the methods for judging trophies and worked hard to get us what we asked for.”
David McN., Wyoming, USA


Daniel McN.

“I originally planned this safari as a gift for our oldest son. He convinced me to hunt as well. So we arranged a 2×1 trip. After 6 days of our 8 hunting days we had already 8 of 10 of the animals on our list. The 9th followed on the 7th day. We shall see what tomorrow brings. The accommodations were very nice. The food was quite good. The staff was very accommodating. The PH Francois was in fact very professional as well as being quite helpful. And it was a pleasure to associate with each day.”
Daniel McN., Wyoming, USA


Laetitia H.

Merci pour votre accueil chaleureux, votre patience et la douceur que vous m’avez acceuillie. Moments de chasse agreables avec des emotions fortes pour trouver 2 gros “chats”, je suis tres heureuse pour le caracal qui prend une grande place. Maybe I come back next year for the big leopard that I have seen in pictures. Thank you… Merci
Laetitia H., France


David A.

“I had an exceptional time on my 8 day hunt. The PH was knowledgeable and an excellent spotter. The trackers were first rate with their ability to track as fast as I can walk. The lodge service is first rate with a four star style. Thanks to all. An excellent ranch with good chances at gold medal quality game.”
David A., Colorado, USA


Sam G.

“I had a wonderful experience at Ozondjahe. It is like Disneyland for adults with guns. PH, manager, staff, game quality all top notch. Gained 5 pounds and some excellent trophies. Thank you very much. Sincerely,”
Sam G., Iowa, USA


Eric L.

“Un safari en famille inoubliable. Un personel competent et attentionne, avec une mention particuliere pour notre guide Francois et les managers. Des animaux magnifiques, je reviendrais.”
Eric L., France


Tom P.

“Jerome, Thoroughly enjoyed my third trip to Ozondjahe. Took all the animals I needed to finish my growing trophy room. As always PH’s for both bow and gun hunting were excellent. I am looking forward to booking with you again. If someone needs a further reference have them give me a call. Warmest regards,”
Tom P., Kentucky, USA


“My first trip to Africa was a great experience. The accommodations and the staff exceeded my expectations. The ranch was awesome and holds many quality animals. My PH did everything he could to help make my hunt enjoyable and successful. I hope to return in the future with family members who also bow hunt.”
David L., Kentucky, USA


Nathan P.

“I had an incredible time at Ozondjahe Safaris. The hunting is non stop fun from start to finish. The staff is full of helpful, kind and quality people and the lodge and meals are great. I really cannot find anything to criticize about the camp, the people or my hunting experience. So hunters experienced and inexperienced, I strongly recommend hunting at Ozondjahe Safaris. I truly had an excellent experience of a lifetime.”
Nathan P., Texas, USA


Rob S.

“Our stay at Ozondjahe was excellent. Everyone did everything they could to make my wife, mother and sister comfortable. My father and I had a wonderful hunt; we saw lots of game and left with all of the animals we had on our list. Peter and Francois were a wealth of information, were wonderful PHs, you can tell they love their job. I would recommend Ozondjahe to anyone.”
Rob S., Washington, USA


Neil W.

“I had a fantastic experience at Ozondjahe, from the moment I arrived till I left. Francois, my PH, was a pleasure to hunt with every day and the hosts made me feel right at home. The entire staff was very professional and courteous. I had the time of my life and can’t wait till I come back.”
Neil W., Nebraska, USA


Kelly H.

“Ozondjahe was truly an amazing experience. The hunting and hunting staff was top notch. We were taken care of so well from the minute we arrived until we left. We hope to be back soon. We fell as if we are leaving a group of friends as we leave. Thanks to all. We appreciate the great hunting and excellent service.”
Kelly H., Utah, USA


Jason W.

“This truly was a hunt of a lifetime! The accommodations were amazing. We had such a successful hunt. the PH was very knowledgeable and professional. We also had a great amount of fun. The atmosphere was light and relaxing. I would recommend Ozondjahe to my closest friends and will definitely be back very soon. Thanks to Francois, Andries and all the wonderful people who made my African adventure a trip of a lifetime!”
Jason W., Utah, USA


Craig W.

“Thank you for a fantastic time! From the first moment we arrived until our parting day we were treated wonderfully. The accommodations were quiet and very clean. The staff was timely and prepared. Francois and Andries were fantastic PHs. The hunting was just as I had hoped it would be, fair to the hunter and the animal. I could not be anymore pleased.”
Craig W., Utah, USA


David L.

“Everything was wonderful, food, service, hunting trophies and Francois our PH.”
David and Judy L., Utah, USA


Benoit P.

“Merci pour cette premiere experience de chasse en Namibie et pour votre hospitalite.”
Benoit P., France


Mir A.

“Dear Jerome, Not knowing what to expect in my first African hunting safari, Namibia, its’ friendly people, Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris, camp staff from PH to cook and service people and the game have far exceeded my expectation. I will recommend this to all my friends and hope to come back again.”
Mir A., Texas, USA


Kurt L.

“Dear Jerome, I had a great time at Ozondjahe. The game was abundant and all of the animals I took were in great shape. The highlights of my hunting were taking a Hartmann’s Zebra in the mountains after hours of stalking and the 56 inch Kudu, also taking in the mountains. The entire house and field staff were most courteous and pleasant. The meals were great. Our gracious hostess attended to our every need. And lastly same words for Andries, an excellent PH, knowledgeable, pleasant and courteous. He has made my first safari the most memorable one. Given the opportunity, I will come back to hunt with him.”
Kurt L., Texas, USA


Wallace B.

“I had a very nice hunting trip at Ozondjahe. I saw lots of game and only shot the animals I wanted. Andries was very helpful telling me the size of horns that I was looking for. He knew the area and animals very good. The hostess was very good. She helped get me medicine from the store for a very bad rash I got. She also took me shopping for gifts to take back to America, very helpful. Food and staff were very good.”
Wallace B., Ohio, USA


Derek W.

“Hello Jerome, My time here in Namibia was wonderful, thanks to the great weather, fantastic trophies and most of all your hunting team and house staff. Our hostess was very friendly, helpful and a real treat to come back to after a long day in the field. As for my PH Andries there is not enough ink in my pen to list out his talents or personal qualities, he is an amazing hunter and I look forward to hunting with him and his team again very soon. Thank you again for coordinating this unforgettable experience.”
Derek W., California, USA


Dave R.

“Jerome, Thank you for one of, if not the best, plains game hunt of my life. The lodge is 5 stars, the people 5 stars, the food is 5 stars and our PH Andries is a friend for life. If you are coming to Namibia, come to Ozondjahe Safaris, they are the best. Thanks again.”
Dave R., Utah, USA


Douglas Y.

“The staff is very professional and friendly. Our PH Andries Smit did everything he could to meet our expectations and needs. The bottom line is he delivered! In spite of the rainy season we still saw hundreds of animals daily. Thanks to our trackers, Ronnie and Frederick and Andries expertise, all of my animals were magnificent specimens. The accommodations were outstanding and the food was superb. The cook is a master chef. Our dinners ranged from escargot to Eland steaks. To say the least, I’ve been pampered and spoiled. You have made a lasting memory for me.”
Douglas Y., Utah, USA


Khaleb R.

“From the moment I arrived in Namibia and was met at the airport, it was clear that the client is the center focus at Ozondjahe Safaris. The staff was very welcoming and catered to our every request. Our PH Andries did a phenomenal job and was very flexible as our target species changed as the hunt and week progressed. This was a truly fascinating experience which has given me great memories and great trophies to take home with me.”
Khaleb R., Louisiana, USA


Kyle T.

“Dear Jerome, Just a short note to tell you what a wonderful time we had. My children and I fell in love with Ozondjahe and Namibia. What a beautiful part of the world! As I know you will soon be discussing specifics with my husband, I will only say that our seven year old is still walking on air after having shot his warthog. The staff at Ozondjahe was very kind and helpful. I now think of Francois as a member of the family. You are very fortunate to have such a gifted and enjoyable PH at the ranch. He was wonderful with our children. I hope one day we will return! All the best!”
Kyle and Sam T., Wyoming, USA


Paul B.

“Jerome, I just wanted to let you know that Melissa and I had a fantastic time at Ozondjahe. On the flight over, I told my wife I was a bit concerned that I had been looking forward to the trip for so long and had built it up in my mind so much that I hoped I was not disappointed. It seems impossible, but the experience not only met my expectations but greatly exceeded them. I was so enthralled with the country, the animals, the birds, etc. that I think I was on sensory overload for the first few days at least. Your PH Andries was not only a super hunter but he was a great host and it was very enjoyable to spend time with him even the long quiet hours in the leopard blind. The rest of the staff was also super. Melissa said she always felt welcome, even while out hunting. My first animal was a zebra (on the second day) and I made a poor shot and was pretty discouraged when we had not found it after several hours, but Andries and the trackers stayed with it. We recovered it late in the day probably two miles from where I had shot it was an amazing tracking job. I would have been devastated if I had wounded and lost my first African animal. Their persistence was not only the proper ethical hunting thing to do, but also made the day thrilling rather than a bitter disappointment. As we discussed on the phone, the leopard was not completely cooperative but Andries changed the strategy a bit and I took it on the sixth day of my hunt. Of course the leopard is a great trophy, and the impala and warthog (which I was initially not too interested in, but had a chance for an exceptional animal and I am now very happy I took it) I think are far better than average and my remaining animals I consider very good trophy quality. I still can’t believe I took the seven animals in 11 days and had the 12th day to do a little wing shooting for sand grouse, which was a kick. Despite the initial uncertainties in getting the Etosha trip set up, it worked out fine and was another highlight of the trip. I have been home less than a week and am already trying to figure out when and how I can return to Africa. Thanks again!!”
Paul B., California, USA


Wayne van Z.

“Hunting in Africa was once only a dream for American sportsmen. Now a plains game hunt is as affordable as a Western elk hunt, while travel to the bush has become relatively quick and painless. The proliferation of hunting outfitters in South Africa and Namibia, however, leaves some travelers scratching their heads. “With whom should I book?” I’ve taken several plains game safaris and prefer Namibia over South Africa. Among outfitters, Ozondjahe ranks near the top. Its professional hunters are capable and keen to bring you shooting. Accommodations and food will leave you wishing for the same at home. And there’s a wide variety of game, with plenty of acreage to ensure a fair-chase hunt. It’s easy to reach from Windhoek, a great pick for a first safari and sure to please even seasoned African hunters.”
Wayne van Z., Washington, USA


John F.

“Going on an African hunting safari was a life long dream and Ozondjahe made the trip a wonderful experience. I have many memories to treasure and re-live. I can’t imagine anything that could have been done better. The staff was wonderful and the facilities top notch. Most of all, the hunting team was absolutely great!! The PH satisfied all our requests and more. He and his team demonstrated their professionalism in locating, tracking, and handling the excellent trophy animals we took. Everything exceeded my wildest dreams.”
John F., Virginia, USA


Olivier R.

“Sejour inoubliable a Ozondjahe pour 1 chasseur et 6 accompagnants. Territoire exceptionnel et gibier abondant mais difficile d’approche et de tir (heureusement!). Service, logement et nourriture irreprochable.”
Olivier R., Switzerland


Richard R.

“Ozondjahe Safaris surpassed our expectations from the aspect of hunting, accommodations, hospitality and activities which were non-hunting. While I was hunting my wife and friends enjoyed their day trips and overnight trips. Our meals and accommodations were excellent. In my hunting trips I was surprised by both the quantity and quality of the animals I saw. The trophies that my PH selected for me and I shot were all 10 to 15 years of age and included: Gemsbok, Impala, Cape Eland, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Zebra and Kudu. My Male Leopard was 4 years of age and I shot it on the ground, in the grass, in the sun.”
Richard R., Alberta, Canada


Charles B.

“I wish I could express in words the amazing experience that I had with Ozondjahe…”
Charles B., Virginia, USA


L. Monty L.

“I certainly enjoyed my twelve days of hunting with my PH. His patience and skills allowed me to take mature trophy animals that should all qualify for the SCI gold and my 57″ Kudu should easily qualify for Rowland Ward. The property is a wonderful mix of terrains with the animals having the clear advantage. Certainly the food and accommodations were beyond my expectations. This safari will always be remembered as a great experience.”
L. Monty L., Georgia, USA


Carlos M.

“All the family have had unforgettable days at ozondjahe Safaris. The place is full of animals and perfectly prepared for hunting safaris. The people are absolutely nice, especially our PH who is really a good PH and has had an incredible patience with our 3 children. Thanks everyone for all, we’ll always remember these nice days.”
Carlos M., Spain


David De La R.

“This was the most amazing hunting trip of my life. My PH and tracker were great. They are truly talented individuals who spare no expense to make your hunt truly exceptional. The house staff are also great in making you feel right at home. I will leave here with memories to last a life time and hunting lessons that will never be forgotten.”
David De La R., South Carolina, USA


Kirk P. B.

“I truly had a unique and wonderful experience with Ozondjahe Safaris. The grounds are mature, varied and very inviting, making for great relaxation after the hunt. Meals were especially delicious, and I got great pleasure from tasting several kinds of wild game during dinner. Staff members were all polite and helpful, ensuring none of my needs were left unfulfilled… and always promptly. My lodging was very good too… clean, inviting, and quite comfortable. Most of all though, the quantity and variety of game was outstanding! I easily saw several hundreds head of animals throughout a typical hunting day. This was no doubt in large part to our superb PHs, trackers, and drivers… all extremely professional with unquestionable expertise. Again I had an excellent experience with Ozondjahe Safaris and hope to come again in the future. Very sincerely,”
Kirk P. B., Nebraska, USA


Randel S. B.

“I was very impressed with the efficient arrangements for our trip. The staff was friendly and helpful. The lodge was decorated with trophies. The bungalows were very neat and clean. the meals were excellent. The PHs knew their business. There was an abundance of a wide variety of game and fowl. My wife and 10 year old son very much enjoyed Ozondjahe and Etosha. I highly recommend this outfitter and hope to return with my father in the future. We strongly appreciated the kindness we were shown. We certainly enjoyed the beautiful grounds surrounding the lodge.”
Randel S. B., Washington, USA


T. Bruce P.

“A first class operation! The stories of the quantity and quality of the animals are true! A bowhunter’s dream come true. Since I was a kid, I dreamed of going on an African Safari and Ozondjahe fulfilled that dream and then some.”
T. Bruce P., Texas, USA



“My experience at Ozondjahe could not have been more pleasant and rewarding. The hunt was very successful, and the staff most helpful. My hunting guide, Andries Smit, is not only an expert, but also a perfect gentleman.”
CB C., Texas, USA


Michael K.

“I can sum up why my wife and I will return to Ozondjahe in three words: “Trophy Quality” and “Professionalism”. The quality of the animals here is remarkable, the staff friendly, the accommodations everything you need and more. Plus, name another game ranch you can afford with a chef on staff. The hunting experience in Africa so often comes down to the attitude of the Professional Hunter and I can say that Andries Smit is one of the good ones. We came to Ozondjahe without really knowing what we were getting into but we are leaving with friends here; taking with us memories and magnificent trophies. We had a wonderful time at Ozondjahe. Andries is a marvelous PH and I would recommend him to anyone. All in all we had a ball. I don’t want to sound corny but to us it really was the trip of a life time. Thanks for helping set it up.”
Michael and Deb K., Wichita, Kansas


Mark R.

“Wonderful place. Plenty of game. The Professional Hunter tries his utmost to get you the trophy you wish for. He works very hard for the best quality trophies. Accommodations are”First Class”, with bungalows and en suite bathrooms like a luxury hotel, with swimming pool outside in mature gardens. Food is excellent, different dishes every night, all well prepared and delicious. Laundry service is excellent, clothes cleaned and ironed like in Europe, to Western standards. I would rate Ozondjahe as an excellent hunting destination for a good range of plains game animals with services par excellence!”
Mark R., United Kingdom


Kevin D.

“Ozondjahe’s vast area offers a diverse habitat, full of game. The trophy quality is outstanding. I would recommend this hunt for the seasoned hunter or the first timer looking for a new hunting destination. Andries and his team run a first class operation. Until the next time!”
Kevin D., United Kingdom


Tim W.

“I had a wonderful time here at Ozondjahe Safaris, everyone is very nice and there is great service. I got every animal I wanted and they were trophy quality. I would recommend this place to everyone that wants to go on an African Safari. It was an awesome experience.”
Tim W., Nevada, USA


Joe W.

“Jerome, this is our last hunting day and we got the final animal on our list of ten. My son Tim and I had the time of our lives. Seven days doing what we love to do in one of the most beautiful and natural surroundings I could imagine. The Professional Hunter Andries and the hunting party were awesome. He was knowledgeable, professional and patient. Thanks Andries! I would recommend this trip to any and all who love hunting. The accommodations were perfect. The food and service wonderful. Thank you all!!”
Joe W., Nevada, USA


Christian G.

“I had a beautiful hunt, with success. I shot the species I hoped to: Kudu, Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog. The territory is large with plenty of animals. About the non-hunting activities; our wives enjoyed the excursions: flight over the Waterberg Plateau, photo safari on wagon pulled by horses, Cheetah conservation center. We will all keep excellent memories of Ozondjahe. A big thank you to all of the team for their kindness and professionalism. Les accompagnatrices ont beaucoup aprecies les excursions avec Mary qui a ete tres efficace et vraiment tres sympathique. Nous garderons tous et toutes un excellent souvenir a Ozondjahe. Un grand merci a toute l’equipe (Andries, Francois, Ronie, Joseph, Victoria and Theodora, les cuisiniers…) pour leur gentilesse et leur professionalisme.”
Christian and Claudine G., Belgium


Jean-Louis G.

“We have passed an excellent time here. The bungalows were comfortable, nice cooking and a smiling staff. Beautiful hunting territory, with excellent organization. The Professional Hunter was friendly and knowledgeable. The game was abundant and of beautiful quality. The trackers were friendly and effective. On whole, an excellent hunting trip and we will certainly be returning. We will be happy to recommend Ozondjahe. Thank you for your kindness in all manner. Nous avons passe un excellent sejour ici. Bungalows confortables, cuisine agreeable, service souriant. Beau territoire de chasse, excellente organization, Chasseur Proffessionels sympathiques et qualifies. Gibier abundant et de belle qualite. Pisteurs sympathiques et efficacies. Bref un excellent sejour de chasse et nous reviendrons certainement. Nous serons heureux de vous recommender. Merci de votre gentillesse a tous egards.”
Jean-Louis G., Belgium


Christine and Jean-Louis G.

“Thank you for the organization of our program of excursions which permitted us to discover the beautiful facets of this marvelous country. Handled efficiently and warmly by Mary. Merci de l’organization du programme des accompagnatrices qui nous a permis de decouvrir be belles facettes de ce merveilleux pays. Prise en charge efficace et chaleureuse par Mary.”
Christine G., Belgium


Alfredo L.

“It was my first hunt in Africa and the better hunt I ever made. The place, the ranch is wonderful, the people and the staff are the best, I really recommend this place. The animals roam free in a big ranch; you would never notice there is a ranch. The food, the bedrooms, the lodge is supreme. I am an outfitter in Mexico,, I really recommend this ranch for hunting.”
Alfredo L., Mexico


Aubrey and Saskia R.

“Our two-week Ozondjahe hunting safari was superb in every respect. Quality hunting combined with professional and attentive service make this a truly memorable African experience.”
Aubrey and Saskia R., Arkansas, USA


Corporate Groups 

We are one of the few hunting outfitters in Namibia that has the capability to host larger corporate groups of up to 10 hunters with 14 guests in total. We are well suited to handle corporate groups of this size while maintaining the level of service that you expect. Some of our previous corporate clients to name a few…




High Profile Guests 

At Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris it has been our honor and our privilege to have as our guests some of the most prominent European and Middle Eastern Royal Families, a former President of France, Ministers, Congressmen, CEO’s and top executives from several of the world largest companies and have hosted on numerous occasions His Excellency Sam Nujoma, the former President of the Republic of Namibia and his family.

President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Former President of France

President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Former President of France and his book Mathilda (right) inspired by his visits to Ozondjahe.


His Excellency Sam Nujoma, Former President of the Republic of Namibia

His Highness Prince M. B. F. of Saudi Arabia

Count K. of Denmark Nephew of Baroness Karen von Blixen, aka Isak Dinesen author of Out of Africa

In the Press 

We have proudly been featured on two episodes of Just Huntin’ hosted by Bob Richardson and Larry Woodward and an episode of Outdoors in the Heartland also hosted by Bob Richardson and Larry Woodward, both shows appearing on the Outdoor Channel as well as several other networks. We have also been on National Geographic Channel, in two documentary films, as well as the Discovery Channel for our conservation efforts with the Cheetah Conservation Fund and our large Cheetah population.

We have also been featured in articles in such illustrious hunting publications as:
Field and Stream
Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine
Gun World
Safari Magazine from Safari Club International (SCI)
NRA American Hunter
Big Game Adventures
Jours de Chasse
Connaissance de la Chasse
Texas Trophy Hunters
North American Hunter
North American Hunt Club Magazine
Cabela’s Outfitter Journal
Africa’s BowHunter Magazine
Bowhunting World
African Hunter
National Geographic Magazine

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